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Spheranthus indicus         

  Latin Name Spheranthus indicus 
English Name East Indian Globe-thistle
Hindi Name Gorakhmundi
Part Used Flower, Whole Plant

Gorakhmundi is a spreading aromatic herb, about 30-60 cm tall with glandular, hairy, winged stems with purple flower heads.

1The plan is bitter, stomachic and stimulant. The leaf is good for skin diseases and is considered as a nervine tonic. The flowers are highly esteemed as alterative, depurative, refrigerant and tonic, and used as blood purifier in skin diseades.

2All parts of the plant have medicinal value. The plant is widely used in vitiated conditions of blood, glandular enlargement, burning urination especially of prostatic origin, urinary tract infection, venereal diseases specially syphilis and Gonorrhoea, hemicranias, liver problems, gastric troubles, hernia, hemorrhoids, dyspepsia and chronic skin diseases. 



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