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  Latin Name Saxifraga granulata; Berginia ligulata
English Name Stone Crusher plant; Winter Begonia
Hindi Name Pashan Bheda
Part Used Root

1It is a perennial herb with a stout rootstock. In ancient Ayurveda it has been used to break down kidney stone and help prevent their recurrence. This herb has been proved as a lithotriptic (dissolves kidney deposits) by regulating the crystalloid-colloid imbalance and relieving the binding mucin of calculi. Bergenin, its o-glycoside, beta-sitosterol, catechin-3-gallate and afzelechin are the constituents reported from root.

2Berginia ligulata extract inhibited calcium oxalate (CaC(2)O(4)) crystal aggregation as well as crystal formation in the metastable solutions and exhibited antioxidant effect against 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl free radical and lipid peroxidation in the in vitro. Berginia ligulata extract caused diuresis in rats accompanied by a saluretic effect. In an animal model of urolithiasis, developed in male Wistar rats by adding 0.75% ethylene glycol (EG) in drinking water, BERGINIA LIGULATA EXTRACT (5-10 mg/kg) prevented CaC(2)O(4) crystal deposition in the renal tubules. The lithogenic treatment caused polyuria, weight loss, impairment of renal function and oxidative stress, manifested as increased malondialdehyde and protein carbonyl contents, depleted reduced glutathione and decreased antioxidant enzyme activities of the kidneys, which were prevented by Berginia ligulata extract.



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