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  Latin Name Cyperus rotundus
English Name Nut grass
Hindi Name Nagarmotha
Part Used Root

1Nagarmotha has very good digestive and carminative properties. It helps improve the functioning of digestive process by rejuvenating digestive fire (Agni) and promote gastric secretion. Cyperus has numerous chemical constituents - sesquiterpenes. The main sesquiterpenes are: α-cyperone, β-selinene, cyperene, cyperotundone, patchoulenone, sugeonol, kobusone,and isokobusone. Their main pharmacological actions are antispasmodic and analgesic.

2Extract of Nagarmotha exhibits liver protective activity against liver damage in mice induced by CCl4. Its tuber contains essential oil (0.5-0.9%) which is used in perfumery and insect repellent cream. The alcoholic and aqueous extract of the tubers possess lipolytic activity and reduces obesity by releasing enhanced concentration of biogenic amines from nerve terminals of the brain, which suppress the appetite center.

3Cyperus rotundus have been used as traditional folk medicine for the treatment of inflammatory diseases. Its extract is found to have anti-inflammatory action. 4The rhizome of Cyperus rotundus is effective in the treatment of stomach and bowel disorders, and inflammatory diseases. Nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide (O2-) are important mediators in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. Experiments suggest that the extract of rhizomes Cyperus rotundus could be developed as anti-inflammatory candidate for the treatment of inflammatory diseases mediated by overproduction of NO and O2-.



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