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  Latin Name Convolvulus arvensis
English Name Dwarf Morning Glory; Aloeweed
Hindi Name Shankhpushpi
Part Used Whole Plant

Shankhpushpi is perennial, prostrate or sub-erect, spreading hairy herb, 10-30 cm long. In India, it is found in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Plains of Punjab, eastwards Bihar, some parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It also distributed in Baluchistan to Egypt, Tropical Africa and Senegal.

1Shankhpushpi is described as Medhya Rasayana (brain tonic) in Ayurveda. Convolvulus arvensis extract (convolvulin) elicited a significant antidepressant effect by interaction with the adrenergic, dopaminergic, and serotonergic systems. Convolvulus arvensis provides an exceptional example of mental alertness, calmness and increased focus, memory improvement, brain stimulating effects and enhanced learning ability. Shankhapushpi induces the feeling of wellbeing, quality of sleep and reduces nervousness, palpitation and anxiety. It also helps in maintaining normal pulse rate and blood pressure and provides nourishment to both most vital part of the body - heart and brain.

2Shankhpushpi contains alkaloids-convolvine, convolamine, phyllabine, convolidine, confoline, convoline, subhirsine, convosine, scopoline and convolvidine along with beta-sitosterol. It used especially for improving memory, lowering stress and calming down the agitated state of mind. It is equally powerful as the more famous allied herbs like Bacopa and Gotu Kola. It is helpful in Insomnia where the person frequently wakes up at night or is emotionally disturbed.



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