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  Latin Name Cichorium intybus
English Name Wild chicory
Hindi Name Kasni
Part Used Seed

Cichorium Intybus is an erect bushy perennial herb 1-3 feet in height of family compositae. It is cultivated throughout India .It is easily recognized by blue or lavender flowers (25-40mm). Flowers last only a day, opening at about six o'clock in the morning and closing soon after midday. They are found in the axils of the leaves, a cluster of flower buds which open successively. The leaves and stem are hairy. Chicory is a popular herbal remedy due to its healing effects on several ailments. The ancient Egyptians ate large amounts of chicory because it was believed that the plant could purify the blood and liver, while others have relied on the herb for its power to cure "passions of the heart."
1Kasni is powerful hepatoprotective herb and it showed anti-hepatotoxic activity in different study. 2The hepatoprotective effect of chicory was also confirmed by the histopathological examination of liver tissue.
3Roots are baked, ground and can be used in place of coffee, can be blended with coffee to neutralize the effects of sleeplessness & nervousness that coffee can cause. Chicory is taken internally as a tonic and for loss of appetite. The inclusion of chicory root supplements in the diet supports the proper metabolism of cholesterol. The seeds contain 4.7 percent of oil. The powdered seed is said to remedy indurations of the spleen. The leaves of chicory may also be used as compresses to be applied externally to ease skin inflammations and swellings.



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