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  Latin Name Celastrus paniculatus
English Name Staff tree
Hindi Name Jyotishmati
Part Used -------

Celastrus paniculatus is a climbing shrub found throughout India up to an attitude of 1600 meter. The seed of celastrus paniculatus contain oil which is obtained by the destructive distillation of the seed. The oil is considered a powerful stimulant for neuromuscular system and are given in rheumatism, gout and paralysis. It is used as a brain tonic to promote intelligence and to sharpen the memory.

Recent studies have shown Celastrus oil has the ability to increase the intelligence of mentally retarded children. Oil is used as pomade for relieving rheumatic pains of a malarious character and in paralysis. It is also used in a pomatum made by mixing one part of the oil in 8 parts of butter for application to the head. It is known as ‘magzsudhi’ (brain clearer) and believed to promote intelligence.

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