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  Latin Name Carum copticum
English Name Ajowan
Hindi Name Ajowan
Part Used Seed

It is an erect, glabrous or minutely pubescent branched annual, with aromatic fruits. The pungently aromatic fruits are about 2 cm long. They are used as flavoring in savory dishes, including curries, pulses, breads and pastry snacks.

The characteristic odor and taste of the fruit is due to the presence of an essential oil. The fruits are much valued for its antispasmodic, stimulant, tonic and carminative properties. It is administered in flatulence, a tonic dyspepsia, uretric and renal colic and also useful in diarrhea, cold, cough and cholera. Carum copticum contains protease, an enzyme capable of degrading proteins (meat, milk and egg etc.) in stomach as well as in intestine.

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