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  Latin Name Anacyclus pyrethrum
English Name Pellitory
Hindi Name Akarkara
Part Used Root

Anacyclus pyrethrum root is a pungent and acrid herb that stimulates the salivary glands and irritates the tissues, thereby increasing blood flow to the area. Anacyclus pyrethrum is mentioned in Ayurveda as Shukra-Stambhak.

1A indigenous drug containing anacyclus pyrethrum,Argyreia speciosa and Withania somnifera etc has been reported to cure sexual disorders in males,with no side effect. 2Pellitory root and locally as akarkara, are widely recognized in the Indian traditional systems of medicine, Ayurveda, as a 'rasayana', i.e. a plant with immunomodulatory properties.

3A study conducted on male rats with extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum showed improved sexual potential. 4Root extract of Anacyclus pyrethrum ameliorates seizures, seizure-induced oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in experimental animals.



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